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Gokcek Elixir

GOKCEK ELIXIR: This Elixir is a product of 26 years experience and it is more effective than the other exotic products which you know, also it is very cheap. It contains lemon juice, sage, parsley, vinegar, garlic, clove, cinnamon, turmeric, klamath weed, olive leaf, thyme, gold spike herb, ginger,etc. The elixir, which contains qualified dark colored grape vinegar, is not a drug and it only supports the treatment along with the medicinal drugs.

Gokcek Elixir eliminates the waste matter in your body, so that hidden microbes emerge and immune system can reach the microbes which it could not reach before and eliminate them immediately. Gokcek Elixir melts the harmful fats in your body such as cholesterol, lipip and triglycerid. It prevents high tension and it reduces the blood sugar. It prevents many disorders such as cerebral hemorrhage, heart attack, coronary insufficiency, cyst, myoma, wens, lymph gland swelling, hardening of the arteries, it increases sexual power and eases the digestion. It strengthens the immune system against the viruses such as Hpv, Hsv, Ebv viruses and it eliminates them. It treats any kind of inflammatory disease.

While trying to prevent the inflammations with Antibiotic drugs, we are not often aware of that we throw small atom bomb inside of us. Chemical drugs especially antibiotics destroy everything in our body especially in our intestines without distinguishing them if it is useful or harmful. 25.000 persons in Germany die because of chemical drugs every year and millions of them get diseased. However short period the chemical drugs are used, their harm is less in the same ratio, however long period the natural drugs are used, its benefit is so much in the same ratio. Especially, the damages which antibiotics make are so much, each of them are likely to be small atom bombs. Before using any drug, it must be certainly  taken into consideration of their side effects.

The patogenic bacteriums and funguses which place in intestines, reproduce poison gases ( metanol, etanol, butanol, pentanol,etc) from food wastes and biyogen amins (for example, hystamin causes this allergy). In addition to these, as Ph value of the content of the intestine is neutralised, NH3 ( Ammoniac) develops instead of NH4( Ammonium), as this is not charged as positive or negative  like as the other toxic substances, it is easily interferred in the blood like as them. These toxic substances in the blood may cause acidosis ( acidity of blood and tissues), this is dangerous.

Liver has to work harder in order to filter these toxic and harmful substances. In result, liver has difficulty in secreting 400 kinds of substances which are known such as enzyme, hormones, gallic acids, which is its major task, so that the quality of the substances reduce, which liver secretes. This means that the foods  could not be digested appropriately. This situation affects the organs negatively, especially digestion organs such as stomach, pancreas and intestines. So, it creates a Devils Triangle, it develops pains, inflammations and diseases in the organs of the people, which they do not expect any.

Homocysteine: Another important factor is that the ratio of B12 vitamin, which useful bacteriums produce, the ratio of B6 vitamin, folic acid in the foods decline as a result of of the disruption of intestine flora. Methionin, which is one of aminoacids, is the main substance of proteins at the time of the renewal of the cells. While methionin is converting into protein, homocysteine creates as waste matter. B6 and B12 vitamins, folic acid provides homocystein to be harmless. The reduction in the rate of these vitamins means the increasing the rate of homocystein. As for homocsyteine, it oxidizes poor quality of cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol). The oxidized cholesterol is perceived as dangerous substance by immune system and especially it is eaten by macrofage. The macrofage, which always eat oxidized cholesterol, explodes and dies, it creates a substance which is sticky, mucus and spongy.

Despite the fact that the specialists say that it is a cholesterol this is not cholesterol, it is actually a substance which has to be called as plaque or waste matter. Waste matter (plaque) sticks on especially in inner surface of vessels, connective tissue, between the cells amd mucosal (mucoid inner skin and especially the mucosal of intestines), it causes many diseases. The remedy is Gokcek Elixir. Gokcek Elixir turns the intestinal content slightly to acidic environment, it eliminates the microbes (patogen bacteriums, viruses, fungus and parasites), which are resident here. The defense powers of immune system (macrofage, B-cells, T-cells) recognize the emerged microbes and they start an attack against them. As a result of this struggle, your pains may increase, but this is not permanent situation, it continues 1-2 weeks. This is not a situation which needs to be gotten afraid of. On the contrary, because of the waste matter, inflammations and microbes which are expelled from the tissues thanks to the effect of immune system, it occurs a reflex in the body and the pains are sourced from this. This is a temporary situation which does not need to be afraid of. This symptom of the disease is called as “Erste Verschlimmerung” in German, namely it is the first getting worse, this indicates that immune system begins to eliminate the disease. Waste matter and intestines are similar to the marsh exactly, if you make drainage of this marsh and convert it to a beautiful flower garden, you can prevent %99 of the diseases. Otherwise, it is not possible to get rid of the diseases.

Intrinsic Factor: Another important factor is that the mucosal of stomach is damaged because of the foods which contain additive substances excessively such as canned foods, chocolatte, cakes, soft drinkings (cola, acid energy drinkings, etc.) alcohol, cigarette, chemical drugs (aspirin, penicillin, cortisone, paracetamol, etc) so that gastritis ( inflammation of stomach, inflammation of mucosal of the stomach) develops very easily with time. Because of this reason, stomach can not excrete enough intrinsic factor (sialin acid glucoprotein). Intrinsic factor provides B-12 vitamin, folic acid, methionin and minerals to be absorbed by intestines. However important that the diabetic patients use insulin, also intrinsic factor is important in the same ratio, which is needed to be digested of the foods. Deficiency of intrinsic factor causes the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In result, many diseases develop, some of them are as follow: Allergy, skin diseases, disorders in digestion organs, etc…

Pancreas excretes enzymes such as amilaz, lipas, tripsin and chymotripsin. Amilaz degradates starch and fractionates it  as dextrin and maltoz; lipaz smashes fats and fractionates them as fatty acids and gliserol; tripsin fractionates protein as aminoacids; chymotripsin fractionates protein as aminoacids, so that starch (polisaccharides), proteins and fats degradate, they take the form which can be absorbed. If pancreas is destroyed and can not excrete enough enzymes; the proteins and fats which can not be degradated in small intestine, are degradated by the bacteriums in large intestine, as a result of wrong degradation here, proteins do not turn into aminoacids, but it creates biogen amins (histamine).

Normally, adrenalin glands excrete enough cortisone, because of the deficiency of enzyme, proteins convert into biogen amins instead of aminoacids. One of these biogen amins is histamine. Excessive histamine, which is produced by funguses of intestine and helicobacter plore in stomach, constricts vessels and bronches, it develops allergic diseases, skin diseases, stomach and intestine disorders. The cortisone, which adrenal glands excrete, balances the histamine. However too much histamine, which funguses of intestine and bacterium in the stomach  reproduce and the histamine which creates as a result of the deficiency of enzyme, disrupts all of the balances. Pancreas also excretes Na HC03 ( Sodium hidrogencarbonate) and this converts the acidity of stomach into mild acid base. So, the digestion in small intestine gets easy (HCl + Na HC03 > Na CI+ CO2+ H2O). The symptoms of pancreas disorders are occlusion, swelling and bowel pains (colitis) and this is often misunderstood by supposing it as intestine disorder. Gokcek Elixir is the most ideal herbal supplement which strenghtens the pancreas.

If a person shows too much sensitivity and feel discomfort himself, when he eats meat products and drinks tea, coffee, alcohol, this is the indicator of the weakness in the pancreas. Keeping going on this situation cause the disorder of intestines. Because of the weakness in the intestine, abnormalities of digestion in small intestine develop, this causes the development of histamine in intestines, but it is wrong to advise antihistaminic substances against the emerged allergy.

I will publish a monograph on lemon, garlic and vinegar on this issue. Garlic is known to prevent cholesterol, to have antibacterial, antiviral and antimicozite features. Again, in the researches which were made on lemon and vinegar, it was determined that they have got the same effects with the gearlic in the same way. However, as garlic is effective when it is used as fresh, when it is used as fresh, as it smells and reduces the tension, it is not preferred so much. Although lemon is very important healing source, when it is used too much, it can give harm to stomach like as vinegar.

Gokcek Elixir should be taken 2 spoons 3 times a day before the meals. If the disease is serious, it can be taken 2 spoons 5 times a day. As the bodily constitution of some patients is sensitive, the dosage for those people should be decreased as 1 spoon 5 times a day. Namely, a person can take 10-30 ml 5 times a day. If this is suitable to your bodily constitution, you can take 30 ml 5 times a day, if it is not suitable, you’d better take 10 ml 5 times a day. If its taste is better for babies and children, it can be taken with orange juice. It is suitable 1 teaspoon 5 times a day for babies, it is suitable 1 dessert spoon 5 times a day for little children.

How Do You Get Rid of GallStone?

The waste matter, which is available very intensive in the people whose livers have problem, is transferred from liver to gallbladder. Waste matter, which is concentrated in gallbladder, is expelled from the body normally, if it is rarely concentrated very intensively, it may cause sludge. It is required to apply a special cleansing method against this sludge. Bile ducts are expanded by drinking English Salt ( Epsom salt, magnesium sulfat). This mineral is available in the nature. When it is drunk, it relaxes all muscles and mental system. By the means of this tecnique, millions of people in the world get rid of gallstone. Even pregnants and children can use this. Therefore, you dont need to be anxious about the sludge.  You can get rid of it even in one night. 30 gram English salt is dissolved in water of 300ml, it is sipped in 5-10 minutes slowly. After 15- 20 minutes, it is drunk the mixture of a half cup of olive oil and a half cup of lemon juice. So, the sludge in the gallbladder is discharged out of the body completely and it is prevented the formation of gallstone. It is available the kinds of magnesium sulfate which can be used or can not be used in medicine.

Intestinal Flora and Capillary Blood Circulation are very important to live healthy. Because, the preparation of the nutritional substances such as vitamin, mineral, aminoacids, enzymes, glicose, reaching these nutrients to the cells, moving of the defense mechanisms between the cells (such as T and B cells which fight against the microbes) depend on capillary blood circulation.

It should never be eaten Cheese, because it causes acidosis and inflammation. Black tea, coffee,  cola should not be drunk, because they dry the intestines, they prevent the absorption of vitamin, mineral and aminoacids. The harms of alcohol and cigarette lead to some kinds of cancer and fattening of the vessels,etc; drinking beer for a long time can cause impotence and even infertilizing. It should be had a break for meat products such as jambon, hot dog for 5-6 months ( fresh and clean meat can be eaten less), because it causes acidosis. This is main source of various kind of diseases. It can be eaten yoghurt, fruit and salad instead of evening meal or can be eaten vegetable soup. Meat products, potato, grains (white rice), pulses and pastries, especially desserts are not digested completely, when they are eaten in the evenings. Because starch converts into glicose (sugar), sugar converts into fat and it is stored in the body. Sugar and antibotics reproduce intestinal funguses, as for funguses, they trigger any kind of diseases. When it is mentioned dessert, it reminds us the sweet pastry, chocolatte, ice-cream, etc; but grape, melon, water melon are also like the dessert because they are sugary, these also trigger the funguses, cause they contain sugar too much.

It is available so-called Elixirs apart from Gokcek Elixir, please take care of it! A person who used so-called elixir called me and told “ I could not drink elixir which you mention, my stomach was being punctured.” I asked him where he bought it and what it was written on the label and what the content of the product was. He told that there was a so-called herbalist producing so-called life elixir. It is understood that so called herbalist tried to imitate to us. We list on the label what kind of herbs are available in the content of Gokcek Elixir. It seems that he tried to make elixir by mixing those herbs, indeed some of those herbs are available in nanogram amount, some of those  are available in 100-200 gram amount. “This person who calls me asks why this elixir is so bad, it burned his stomach, he supposed  that it was almost to puncture his stomach.”

Due to the informations which this person advised me, it appears someone simulated us and produced fake elixir that may cause the stomach of the people to be punctured. But, he should have taken notice where he bought and what he bought. When it is mentioned Elixir, it reminds Gokcek Elixir suddenly. But, the people do not look at the label and trademark of the product carefully, they do not review it. If they do, they will see those kind of products are fake.  There are many so-called persons who tries to simulate us. So, we do not give any branch to anybody. Everybody complain about these kind of so-called elixirs. We haven’t got any branch anywhere. Never play with your health by buying fake elixirs. Please avoid buying fake elixirs which are produced with various fake trademarks and labels. It is available people who use fake elixir and get diseased.

In Gokcek Elixir, it is available healing herbs which strengthen and protect the stomach, so that it can be used against the stomach- intestine disorders safely. For the ones who feel discomfort of garlic smell, we advise them to drink some amount of milk ( at least a half teacup of milk), this milk absorbs the smell and eliminates it.

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